The Kitty Arcades

Presented by BxKat Studios


To encourage the use and adoption of crypto-collectibles by creating games in which they can be used as players.


Bx Dawes

New to game developement, Bx is breaking her teeth in on several crypto-collectible games. She's excited for the future of cypto-gaming, and hopes to bring more followers into the fold.

Special Thanks!

The CryptoKitties Community

A shoutout to those in the CryptoKitties community like @Why_is_that,@AlanFalcon,, and @geggleto who have helped encourage my growth as an artist, UX/UI and game designer. I would not be where I am today without your encouragement and push to be better.


A special shoutout to RudeMoose who encouraged me to start making games on my own. She is a constant inspiration to me and it makes me incredibly happy be able to call her a friend.

Trevor Dawes

Without this man's constant love and support I would never have finished a single beta game. He kept me feed and watered when I was too heads down to take care of myself, and continued to encourage me through multiple rounds of burnout. I treasure each day he is in my life and I'm the luckiest women in the world knowing that he loves me.

NASA Image Library

The main backgrounds for Kitty Arcades were provided by NASA's image library. Thank you for exploring our universe for us!